Our Clinic’s team is comprised of specialists in different fields of dentistry:

Prosthetic dentistry: Bogusław Jarosz, DDS, Krzysztof Gronkiewicz, DDS, Szymon Majewski, DDS.
Conservative dentistry and endodontics: Klaudia Pasierbek, DDS.
Orthodontics: Sylwia Motyl, DDS.
We conduct combined multidisciplinary treatments according to plans established between our teams and our patients. This is particularly important in difficult cases requiring knowledge and experience. The doctors with respective specializations perform the particular stages of treatment, while always remaining in close contact with the treating team members. Therefore, all treatment phases are done in consultation between doctors and discussed with the patient.

We are a team of specialists and experienced practitioners in various fields of dentistry. We believed that direct communication and an exchange of information in the course of treatment brings a patient comfort and assures the patient of the safety of our proceedings. This is particularly important where an initial treatment plan requires adjustment in the course of a multi-stage procedure.

A qualified medical staff of assistants and hygienists augments our team.