The safety of our patients is a most important factor for us. Our staff always prepares new, sterile set of dental tools. During dental surgery autoclave sterilized set of dental drills is always available. In our clinic sterilization is mandatory action for us, because disinfection doesn’t kill of all bacterias . This process surely eliminates all kind of bacteria, viruses, pathogenic fungi.

All the tools, before autoclave process, are being disinfected in special liquids and washed in the ultrasonic purifier. After this process is finished tools are packed hermetically and sterilized. We are fulfilling all European norms and also requirements of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station in Cracow.

Before new patient can take their seat, floor/seats/lamp are cleaned up with special fluids to make it even more sterile.
We are using lot of one materials are non-reusable tool in order to reduce raise of germs.
Our Clinic is equipped with newest X-ray generator for digital radiography. This allows to use more friendly dose of radiation comparing to standard analogue apparatus. The CT scanner in our Clinic is also leader in his class of devices generating the lowest amount of roentgen rays. Our staff is well trained how to protect the patients against radiation.
We’re always taking care of making your visit as most as comfortable as possible. We’re trying to reduce the visit’s strees as much as we can:

  • in waiting room you’ll not hear any sounds of drilling. You’ll listen nice music instead. We’re trying to eliminate well know dental smell using nice, flower air refreshers to make you more relaxed before visit.
  • Out staff is always smiling and ready to help you in any needs. So don’t hesitate to ask any questions.
  • Your comfort is very important to us, so we’re trying to avoid the situation of long waiting ques. You won’t be waiting long for treatment.
  • If your pain level is low or you feel uncomfortable during visits we can propose you treatment called sedation in assistance of anesthesiologist

We will do our best so that you can fell really comfortable and safety. We are always try to minimize or even eliminate stress connected to dentist’ surgery.