Many patients visit our center seeking solutions for their problems related only to dental implants. In most cases, however, our doctors discover the need for general treatment including the replacement of dental prostheses, dental restoration, or the need for proper occlusion alignment. Thus, in our clinic we provide a complete range of dental treatments:

  • Dental surgery,
  • Prosthetic dentistry,
  • Conservative dentistry,
  • Endodontics,
  • Orthodontics,
  • Periodontology,
  • Pediatric dentistry.

The esthetics of dental solutions is essential for us: we use all-ceramic crowns and dental bridges. We can also conduct immediate dental prosthetic reconstruction with dental implants. This latter topic is very important in modern implantology, since the procedure not only helps patients feel better, but it also reduces the total cost of treatment. Application of this method enables the implants to be bone-loaded and to have complete dental prosthetic restoration (dental crown, bridge, denture implant) done within 24-48 hours. It is particularly convenient for our patients who come to our clinic from all over Poland and abroad.

Our patients have access to the most advanced surgical dental techniques, to state-of-the-art dental materials, as well as to tissue regeneration techniques. All this is the result of Dr. Majewski’s research in the field of implant dentistry and bone regeneration, research that he conducts in conjunction with the best universities around the world.

The Clinic is a training center for doctors specializing in implant dentistry. The clinic offers courses and postgraduate training.

We work with other dental offices. Doctors and patients can come to our clinic to seek consultation or to conduct complex implant surgery under the supervision of a specialist.

Our Implant and Dental Clinic is conveniently located near Krakow’s historic city center: 5 minutes from the highway, 15 minutes from the airport. Many of our patients use a hotel located near our offices for accommodations.

We invite you to Krakow, Poland’s former capital city, not simply for our superior dental services, but also to visit this beautiful city full of tourist attractions.